Europan 13 - Selb

Selb has a potentially strong polarities network. Leisure, culture, production and education are intertwined, but they stop outside of the city centre. Inside it, the polarities do not form a synergic system and the connection are lost. The urban fabric of the city centre is formed by urban blocks with irregular shapes and private outdoor spaces or parking in-between the buildings. They are places of no-one. This conformation has lot of unexploited potentialities. 
The first action is to reconnect the territorial polarities by new paths. Near these, public urban polarities are re-activated and a system of urban courtyards is identified. The second action is the enlargement of the public spaces. The small private secondary buildings are demolished and the uses can expand inside the public courtyards. The third and last action sees the involvement of the private owners, to whom a system of value compensation is granted. A set of rules is set to guide the expansion, that happens on the margins, leading to an active contemporary buffer area between the courtyards and the outside public spaces. The system of the city centre is restored and its polarities come in synergy to each other and with the outer system.






Selb, Germany




Competition Entry




City of Selb


Roberto Forestieri, Marcello Greco
Marco Delorenzi, Valentina Nigro

Design Team

SG/A Sedicigradi
QB Atelier

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